How to play

Your goal is to get to the end of the level without falling into lava. You roll two dice to determine the power of your jump, and for each jump you may once choose to reroll either one or both of them. Click on the dice you wish to keep and click REROLL to roll the rest. Click JUMP to jump using the current value of the dice.

More info

I wrote this in 2 days for the GMTK jam. Aside from the bit of Javascript necessary for interfacing with the browser, it's written in plain C without engines or libraries, and I created all art assets in a text editor. That means the only part of the whole experience I didn't make myself during the jam is the web browser that you're running it in, and the operating system that you're running that on. Luckily, those should only account for something on the order of 10 million lines of code each, compared to the 500-ish lines written by me.

Feature complexity was somewhat limited by the fact that I was working without a debugger. If you know of a good solution for debugging C code specifically targeting Webassembly, please post a comment about it.

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